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These are exciting times and Sam and Vic at IntoAlignment embrace the opportunity to share their journey and learning with you through these three POWERFUL Ascension Programmes.

There is no escape from your soul purpose in life. Embrace the pain, it shows you where you have wandered from the path. Your pain holds the message that is the key to self actualisation. This is the key to opening the door to your true purpose.

Through understanding your mistakes, pain, suffering and struggle you will see that you are approaching your time to SHINE. Accept everything you have done and known so far, this is your expertise. Share your learning and message with the world.

You alone possess the wherewithal to transform your life and live in joy and happiness with others. A life of service is not a task, it is an awakening.

You are ready to walk the path of your true purpose on this earth, at this time, in this life.

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